5 minutes read

The Perfect Christmas Gift

At the end of last weeks PT session – red faced, drenched in sweat and gasping for air, I collapsed to the floor awaiting a life changing stroke – my trainer was relaxed and ambivalent, checking…..

7 minutes read

Why Should I Exercise?

Good question… To get laid of course! Well that’s what I heard from a certain tall, tanned, semi-muscular, single gentleman. He was absolutely adamant that intercourse was his primary motive……

4 minutes read

I Don’t Have Time To Exercise!

We are all unique, every single one of us, as are the lives we lead. Each of our unique lives are packed with a diverse mix of really important things…..

3 minutes read

Fitness Equipment

You could define fitness equipment as any item (found or manufactured) that is used to assist with exercise, they are also referred to as exercise equipment. These might include simple items such as balls,…..