It doesn’t matter who you are, your body needs aerobic exercise. We humans were born to get our hearts pumping. Since the dawn of humankind, we ran when hunting for food which made our hearts pump fast. We ran when fleeing from predators which made our hearts pump a hell of a lot faster. The faster we could run in both instances was always directly proportional to our chances of survival.

Today we tend to expend a large chunk of our energy running ragged at work to earn money to spend on those labor saving devices (such as a dishwasher), so that we can invest more of our valuable time vegetating in front of a nice big screen television.

Most of us humans don’t realize that the benefits of aerobic exercise go way beyond physical fitness, regular aerobic exercise will enhance all aspects of your life.

The adjective “aerobic” was coined by Louis Pasteur in 1863, meaning “living only in the presence of oxygen”, from the Greek aero-“air” + bios-“life”.

From a cardiovascular perspective… Regularly working your heart and lungs helps them to perform more effectively together which develops a more efficient delivery of oxygen into the bloodstream.

From a medical perspective… Regular aerobic exercise helps your body function better and reduces the risk of many illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and a plethora of other diseases.

Regular aerobic activity improves your chances of living longer and healthier, it improves your sleep and reduces the chance of you developing: Stroke Heart disease High blood pressure Certain cancers, including colon, breast and lung cancer Type 2 diabetes Osteoporosis Loss of cognitive function Depression and anxiety Weight gain

Even more interesting is that recent research has shown that just 30 minutes of daily exercise improves your chances of making your bed every day, being more organised with your daily routine, studying more effectively and achieving that highly sort after career promotion. Thirty minutes in a day is just over 2% of the 24 hours that each day gives you. That’s not much at all.

Any activity that increases your heart rate is beneficial. Even walking briskly for just 20 minutes each day dramatically reduces your chances of developing any of the ailments listed above. If you are new to aerobic activity, one way to gauge that you’re at the right level is the “talk test”. This is where you exercise and can continue to engage in conversation – just.

The bottom line is that most humans need to move around much more than what we currently do and vegetate in front of the TV much less. And the monumental benefits far out way the tiny investment.