We are all unique, every single one of us, as are the lives we lead.

Each of our unique lives are packed with a diverse mix of really important things that consume our time… work, family, friends, travel, sleeping, Facebook, personal grooming, eating, cooking, entertainment, housework, more Facebook, … and… time permitting, maybe a little exercise.

Apparently, the one constant that we all share equally, is time. Every week we are all blessed with 24 x 7 = 168 hours of it. So, let’s have a look at the three things that take up most of our time each week. It’s an interesting exercise to discover how much time is left over for exactly that… exercise.

1. Work… Assuming that you’re working like a slave and committing 10 hours every day to your chosen vocation 5 days a week, that’s 50 hours each week consumed by your career. Let’s hope you’re making it count. Can we can also assume that includes your daily commute time? No? Okay, let’s ramp it up to 60 hours a week for work and commute… Okay now? Good. I think we’ve got this covered. For at least the majority of us.

2. Family and Friends… For some of us, lounging in front of the television with our partner is a powerful bonding experience, holding hands might take it up a notch or two. I wonder if we could do it even better than that. Crazy… I know. If we invested just 1 to 2 hours each day with our partner, family, and/or friends, doing something truly special. Maybe we could turn the electronic thingies off and actually talk to each other. We could share ideas and dreams, maybe even have a conversation. Even 2 hours every day equates to just 14 hours a week.

3. Sleep… Although many people can live on a lot less, let’s plug in 8 hours of sleep each day, or night rather, assuming that you are not a vampire (nothing against vampires of course). 8 x 7 = 56 hours of sleep every week.

For The Mathletes… Let’s add up the big ones… 60hrs (work) + 14hrs (partner time) + 56hrs (sleep) = 130 hours. On our 168 hour week, we have discovered a spare 38 hours for Facebook each week. That’s over five hours every single day. Surely there might be even a small minority of us who might consider investing that amount of spare time each day in more enriching pursuits, such as exercise.

Okay, we haven’t included eating, cooking, housework or personal grooming. And for some of us, that last one is often the main reason why we struggle to get to work on time, or at all. And that first one is often the main reason why some of us struggle to fit into last season’s Speedos.

The point is that most of us easily have at least 1 spare hour every single day that we could invest in exercise. And that would still leave most of us with a good 31 hours for Facebook, You Tube, or anything else that was vitally important.

Even if we invested just half of that time and exercised for just 30 minutes each day you will achieve results. And you don’t even have to do all 30 minutes at once. Three separate 10 minute routines can be just as effective as one half hour session.

Still not convinced? Great! You represent 90% of the population who live in denial that they have any “spare” time for exercise whatsoever, here are some tips for including exercise in your normal daily routine…

1. Raised leg crunches whilst driving. Set your cruise control and grip your steering wheel like your life depends on it. Straighten your back, bite down on a leather strip and lift your knees as high as you can and hold them for as long as you can. Dangerous? Less risky than the guy in the car next to you texting his girlfriend.

2. Exercise during TV time. If anyone complains when you replace the coffee table with a treadmill, ask them to stand up. They’ll be able to see the television so much better. And while they’re standing they may as well do some star jumps as they watch you jog.

3. Prancing with ankle weights. It’s called Prancercise. Don’t worry, you won’t look stupid at all, really. Everyone’s into this. Just grab some ankle weights, or put some heavy stones in your shoes and lift your knees high as you prance everywhere you go.

4. Marry a personal trainer. If all else fails, this is a great option. Many PTs tend to bring their work home with them. Although this might be frowned upon in other industries, you will absolutely love it! Trust me. And you are sure to become their favourite muse.

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